A Comprehensive Exploration of the Therapeutic Power of Chiropractic adjustment

BY: Dr Kevin Noffsinger
POSTED March 28, 2024 IN

Chiropractic adjustment is a special form of massage in which chiropractic adjustments techniques are applied in combination with hands-on massage therapy. It is intended to reduce muscle tension, improve spinal health, and enhance overall health..

Chiropractic adjustment is good for many types of tissues including back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscle strain, and stiff joints. 

Chiropractic adjustment is an effective, natural way to help people live pain-free, healthy lives.

How is Chiropractic adjustment different from regular Massage?

Regular massage relaxes tight muscles, reduces stress, and provides temporary pain relief. 

Chiropractic adjustment, on the other hand, combines standard massage with particular adjustments made to the spine. It corrects misalignments in the spine and joints and improves overall musculoskeletal function and addresses the specific causes of pain. 

This special combination provides deeper, longer-lasting relief for conditions like chronic back pain, neck pain, and headaches, while also enhancing range of motion and posture.

Benefits of Chiropractic adjustment

Relieves Pain: Chiropractic adjustments improve blood flow to the muscles, reducing discomfort from headaches, neck, and backaches. It helps to create comfort by releasing tense muscles and enhancing joint function.

Stress Reduction: It relaxes the nervous system and headaches which results in reduction of stress.

Techniques of Chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractors use a variety of techniques which depend on type and duration of pain.

Swedish Massage: Gentle, flowing strokes to relax muscles and improve blood flow.

Deep Tissue Massage: More intense pressure to target knots and tension deep within the muscles.

Trigger Point Therapy: Pressure with concentration on particular muscle “knots” to relieve pain patterns.

Spinal Adjustments: Spinal joints can be gradually realigned with short, precise motions. This lessens nerve discomfort and increases range of motion.

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization: Chiropractor uses special tools to break up tight muscle and scar tissue to reduce pain and stiffness.

The best chiropractors tailor their care to each patient. They talk about certain issues and determine which massage and adjustments are best for the patient. 

How to do Chiropractor Massage at home?

It is not possible to give chiropractor massages at home.

Because Chiropractic adjustment doesn’t rely on lotions or oils.

Instead, a chiropractor’s hands and knowledge are their most effective instruments. With a deft touch, they identify misaligned joints, loosen up tense muscles, and make little modifications to fix the misalignments.

Their understanding of the body allows them to employ precise treatments that reduce pain and restore function.

Dr. Kevin received his Bachelors degree from Northwestern College in 2000, and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2003. He was chosen on 2 occasions to serve outside of the U.S. in El Salvador and Harare, Zimbabwe because he loves serving people with his heart. Dr. Kevin currently maintains a private practice in Aurora, CO.

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